For over 120 years, the world has had the wall receptacle as a standard that enables people to plug in and power their products.  This safe, simple method has had an immesurable impact on the way we live.

SQL’s SkyPlug and Receptacle redefines installations and makes light fixtures and ceiling fans Plug & Play. Exactly like the wall receptacle did a century ago for numerous electrical products.


Installations of an endless variety of lighting, fans and other fixtures are now safer, simpler, faster without the need of  multiple people or professional help.

Our Mission

Our purpose is to change the way people interact with their spaces. Our platform has changed installation forever— an effortless experience that mirrors how we’ve plugged things into the wall for over a century.

Connecting the World

We believe that helping people connect will help reign in a brighter tomorrow.

Directing Positive Change

Making installation effortless was the next step in technological advancement.

Safety is our focus

Our products are proven to be the safest ever created for installion.


We are innovators and industry veterans with deep expertise in
the technology, manufacturing, and lighting fields.

Changing Today’s World

Our world thrives and develops through constant innovation.
Invention occurs when someone can look at the world and fight
habituation— realizing in that moment how they can change it for the

Evolving Labor Norms

Time and labor per install has been cut more dramatically than ever thought possible.

Simplifying the Process

Uncompromising design and an obsession with innovation has evolved every level of the installation process.

Prevalent Cost Savings

Cost Savings per install are prominent due to our change in labor time per installation.